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Six miles from Sisters, 11 miles from Bend, 7 acres of majestic panaranic views
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Ginger Water

One of the most wonderful things about visiting this relaxing  vacation rental  is to find in the refrigerator a lovely pitcher of sparkling fresh fruit ginger water.

Take some fresh ginger and grind it.   I use a garlic press that has not been used before or you can also use a shredder as long as it grinds very finely.   Place it within  water and just a touch of honey.  Then add fresh  pomegranate, blueberry, or 100 percent grade juice w/o any GMOs.    Shake it up and  pour over lemon ice chips.

Lemon chips are made by taking lemon juice and a little sugar blending with a whisk and pouring it into a plastic bag.  Lay the bag flap in the freezer and let it freeze completely.  Use a hammer or mallet and crush it is up forming  regular size chips of lemon.

Pour juice over one of the large margarita goblets found in the beautiful glass pass through cabinet over the sink.

This drink  really is  so wonderful sitting on one of the six decks overlooking the mountains, floral gardens,  water features, pastures with grazing deer,  or watching bunny rabbits racing around  the yard.  Ist’s just the best memory!